Little Caesar Enterprises Inc.: Franchise Profile

Publish Date: Aug 2020

Category: Public & Service

Publisher: BCC Research

Status: Publish

This franchise profile gives key insight into Little Caesar Enterprises Inc., with a mention of key takeaways as a conclusion. The profile provides a consolidated and up to date information about the company, including the financial performance and/or number of stores owned and franchised by it.

Report Scope:

The scope of this franchise profile report is precise and covers the company's background along with its present performance in the market. The major sections of the profile include overview, products offered, recent developments and strategies undertaken, challenges faced, business strategy and analysis, and financial information. The report also includes revenue forecasts, presence of franchisee stores, market forecasts and key people of the company.

The report concludes with any other important information about the company and key takeaways.

Report Includes:

- An overview of the franchise profile on Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc. a subsidiary of Ilitch Holdings Inc.
- Assessment of franchise expenditure, fees and entry cost required for a Little Caesar franchise and number of outlets across states
- Examination of the market dynamics, competitive environment, business strategies and expansion plans, along with recent developments and key challenges
- Coverage of food menu for Little Caesars and discussion on how it is different from the other pizza outlets
- Information on patents held by Little Caesars, pending approvals and copyrights
- Briefing about industry-specific laws and regulations, including Food and Drug Administration, disabilities act, anti-discrimination and sexual harassment laws and many more


Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Ilitch Holdings Inc. The company was founded by Michael and Marian Ilitch, and offers pizza franchises and Blue Line Distributing, a full-service distributor for all units of Little Caesars as well as to Kmart's KCafes, which also serve Little Caesar products.

The company was incorporated in 1959 and is headquartered in Detroit, Mich. It is a franchisor which features chicken wings, pizza, Crazy Bread products and other related products. This carryout-only pizza chain has establishments which sometimes also operate a drive-thru window and offer delivery service. The firm started as a single family-owned restaurant in 1959 and has now become third-largest pizza chain in the U.S., after Domino’s and Pizza Hut. The company has stores in all 50 U.S. states and has global presence in 20 countries. The company operates, franchises and owns Little Caesars Pizza and other food items. With approximately 3,797 franchises globally, Little Caesar competes with Domino's,
Pizza Hut and Papa John's for its slice of the multibillion pizza market.

The key business of the firm, carryout pizza restaurants, has been built on the concept of offering two pizzas for the price of one. The innovative production and marketing techniques have led to franchise units in the U.S. Canada, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Ecuador, Guam, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, the Czech Republic and South Korea. Through its company-owned and franchised restaurants, the firm sells around four million pizzas per week.

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