Global Cardiac Holter Monitor Market – by Component, Product Type, End User, Region - Market Size, Demand Forecasts, Company Profiles, Industry Trends and Updates (2018 - 2025)

Publish Date: Oct 2021

Category: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

Publisher: Markgenes Business Consulting

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Cardiac Holter Monitor is a portable battery operated device that records and measures a person’s heart activity (ECG) continuously at a stretch for 24 hours to 48 hours or even for a longer period depending on the type of monitoring used. The device has wires with silver dollar-sized electrodes that attach to the skin of a person. 

Demand Scenario

The global cardiac holter monitor market was USD 352.55 million in 2018 and is estimated to reach USD 549.69 million by 2025 at a CAGR of 6.55% during the forecast period

Growth by Region

North America holds the largest market share owing to the increasing preference of patients towards minimally invasive diagnostic tools and also sufficient funding from government for the treatment of the cardiovascular disorder. Asia-Pacific region, on the other hand, is anticipated to grow rapidly with a very high CAGR in the years to come. While, countries in Latin America, Middle East and Africa face a sluggish growth and are rising their investments to expand their physical presence globally 

Drivers vs Constraints

The market is mainly driven by rising stress levels and hectic lifestyle in people globally resulting in cardiac blockage and arrest. For instance, the American Heart Association in the US is focusing mainly on bringing down the upsurge of deaths and incidences of stroke by 20 percent caused by cardiovascular devices. This has resulted in the upsurge of demand for advanced technology devices for analysis and diagnosis. Nonetheless, the global cardiac holter monitor market is curbed by growing healthcare awareness along with a prominent need to reduce the cardiac disorder globally in the near future. 

Industry Trends and Updates

Spacelabs Healthcare, a global manufacturer of medical equipment has invested USD 720,000 into Nursing Laboratory at University of Massachusetts Amherst which will benefit students who study Bachelor of Science in Nursing program since they are the frontline of healthcare who uses these tools extensively.

Abbott Laboratories, an American healthcare company has launched the first and only smartphone compatible Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) in the U.S. to help physicians remotely identify cardiac arrhythmias in patients and being able to engage in their healthcare.

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