Global Aerospace Valves Market– Global Industry Analysis and Forecast (2018-2026) – by Type, Application, and Region

Publish Date: Feb 2021

Category: Aerospace & Defense

Publisher: Maximize Market Research

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Global Aerospace Valves Market was valued US$ 3.40 Bn in 2017 and is expected to reach US$ 6.71 Bn by 2026 at a CAGR of about 8.87% during a forecast.

Global Aerospace Valves Market is segmented into by valves, by material, by mechanism, by aviation, by an end user, and by region. Based on valves, aerospace valves market is classified into Fuel System Valves, Hydraulic System Valves, Air Conditioning System Valves, Ice & Rain Protection Valves, Pneumatic System Valves, Lubrication systems Valves & Water and Waste System Pumps. In material are parted into Aluminium, Titanium, Steel & Others. In mechanism are segmented into Poppet Valves, Pilot Valves, Flapper-nozzle Valves, Ball and Plug Valves & Others. In aviation are divided into Commercial Aviation, Military Aviation & Business, and General Aviation. In End, a user is distributed in Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) & Aftermarket. Geographically into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Global Industry Analysis and forecast 2018-2026.

Driving factors of aerospace valves market are due to the increase in aircraft orders and short replacement cycles of aerospace valves. Increasing commercial aircrafts production, witnessing include introduction of lightweight valves, technological advancements for advanced analytical systems, a rise in air travel across the globe, Growing international trade between countries have increased the frequencies of cargo planes. Increases in the number of airport connections within the respective countries and rise in the use of aircraft in military applications will boost the market for aerospace valves market.

Global economic uncertainty and backlogs of aircraft deliveries can hamper the growth of aerospace valves market.
In terms of Valves, Hydraulic system valves segment shares the largest market during the forecast period. Hydraulic system valves make quite efficient in transmitting power. Provides Ease and accuracy of control, Jet aircraft that operate at altitudes where there is not enough air pressure to assure a positive feed of fluid to the pump have hydraulic systems and its pressurized easy to generate linear and rotary motions in compact systems with high power. It also gives more power than pneumatic systems it has some characteristics that make it perfect for the market opportunity in the aerospace valve market.

In terms of End User, Aftermarket is projected to grow at fastest during the forecast period. Aftermarket advances the way to detect & address emerging aircraft problems via real-time monitoring, Helps prevent misunderstandings of verbal instructions, Relieves air traffic controllers from routine tasks that take up a significant part of their workload, replacement period for aerospace valves is not more than 3 to 4 years and these valves cannot be repaired or refurbished will boost the demand for aerospace valves market.

Among region, Asia Pacific region is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. Emerging economies and the tremendous increase in passenger’s traffic and flight hours, increased flight frequency along with rising preference of air travel, rise in disposal income, the region rapid changes in regulations to make aviation more advancing on the technology front and rise in disposal income can lead to better market expansion in Aerospace Valves Market.
Honeywell, Parker Hannifin, Eaton, Woodward, Zodiac Aerospace, Triumph Group, Crissair, ITT Aerospace Controls, Aerocontrolex, Liebherr, United Technologies, Moog, Meggitt, Circor International, Porvair, Crane Aerospace, Sitec Aerospace, Valcor Engineering, Ram Company, Marotta Controls, Precision Fluid Controls, Lakshmi Technology And Engineering Industries Limi, Nutek Aerospace Corporation and Dynex/Rivett.
The scope of the Report Global Aerospace Valves Market:
Global Aerospace Valves Market: By Valves
Fuel System Valves
Hydraulic System Valves
Air Conditioning System Valves
Ice & Rain Protection Valves
Pneumatic System Valves
Lubrication systems Valves
Water and Waste System Pumps
Global Aerospace Valves Market: By Material
Global Aerospace Valves Market: By Mechanism
Poppet Valves
Pilot Valves
Flapper-nozzle Valves
Ball and Plug Valves
Global Aerospace Valves Market: By Aviation
Commercial Aviation
Military Aviation
Business and General Aviation
Global Aerospace Valves Market: By End User
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
Global Aerospace Valves Market: By Region
North America
Asia Pacific
Middle East & Africa
Latin America
Key Player analyzed in the Global Aerospace Valves Market:
Parker Hannifin
Zodiac Aerospace
Triumph Group
Itt Aerospace Controls
United Technologies
Circor International
Crane Aerospace
Sitec Aerospace
Valcor Engineering
Ram Company
Marotta Controls
Precision Fluid Controls
Lakshmi Technology And Engineering Industries Limi
Nutek Aerospace Corporation

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