Global Car Wax Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast (2018-2026) – by Type, Application, and Region

Publish Date: Nov 2020

Category: Automotive & Transportation

Publisher: Maximize Market Research

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Global Car Wax Market was prized US$743 Mn in 2017 and is probable to reach US$1100 Mn by 2026 at a CAGR of about 5.03% during a forecast period.

The reported segment of global car wax market is classified based on type, form, sales channel, end-user, and region. Relating to type, car wax market is divided into two type namely as Natural Wax and synthetic wax. Based on form, global car wax market is segmented in two phases such as Liquid Wax and paste. Depending on sales channel, global car wax market is divided into manufacturer and retailer & distributor. Global car wax market is separated by end-user such as Original Equipment manufacturer and aftermarket. Based on region global car wax is divided into, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America.

Global Car wax is material that used to protect the car’s finish and enrich its shine. Car wax generally refers to products having carnuba wax, which derived from a palm tree, though Natural Waxes can also be mixed to improve its capability. Wax is rubbed on a car and is allowed to Paste Wax for creating a protective layer on car surface. Also, it helps in filling small scratches and make a smooth surface. In recent ages, synthetic polymer wax is also taking over the car wax landscape, however, they are unable to meet the shine of carnauba. But, these are generally inexpensive; easier to apply and remove, lasts longer and even offers more safeguard for paint.

In terms of types, global car wax market is divided into Natural Wax and synthetic wax. Natural Wax formed the largest segment in 2017. Natural Wax is usually derived from a substance called carnauba, obtained from a Brazilian plant called copernicacerifera. Petroleum and other oils are generally added to the Natural Wax in order to make it more functioning (carnauba is very hard in its natural phase).

Based on form, global car wax is divided into two phases such as Liquid Wax and paste. Liquid Wax is the topmost selling variety and typically comes in a spray or squeeze bottle. This type of wax is simple to apply. It is easy to apply to a car, spread and rubbed. This requires lesser time than applying a paste. Meanwhile Liquid Wax is readily available; it is possible to purchase a bottle at an inexpensive amount. A good Liquid Wax will provide a durable seal on a car’s paintwork that lasts for months. The only weakness is it takes a longer duration to Paste Wax over solid wax.

Global car wax, sales channel is split into the manufacturer and retailer & distributor. Now a day’s manufacturer of automobile industries is using wax for making more and more shine in color and its long durability. Also, retailer & distributor are referring the wax for removing the dirt and scratches from the car body.

End-user of car wax is varied in original Equipment manufacturer and aftermarket; original Equipment manufacturer is using Liquid Wax to get a better shine on the car body and making long lasting the car paint. Aftermarket is an also huge market for car wax, due to huge demand in car service stations globally.
In terms of region, Asia-Pacificdominates the global car wax market. Supportive regulations to increase Increasing vehicle production with year-on-year growth in the region are also expected to add to the growth of car wax demand in the region.

Some of the players in global Car Wax markets are 3M, Sonax GmbH, Turtle Wax Inc., Future Development (Manufacturing) Ltd. KAO Chemicals Ltd, M Polishes Wax Cleaners Inc., Chempace Corporation, Treatment Products Ltd., Darent Wax Company Ltd., and Northern Labs Inc., including.
Scope Global Car Wax Market
Global Car Wax Market by Type
Natural Wax
Synthetic wax
Global Car Wax Market by Form
Liquid Wax
Paste wax
Global Car Wax Market by Sales channel
Retailer & Distributor
Global Car Wax Market by End-user
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Global Car Wax Market by Geography
North America
Middle East & Africa
Latin America
Key Players operating in Global Car Wax Market
Sonax GmbH
Turtle Wax Inc.
Future Development (Manufacturing) Ltd.
KAO Chemicals Ltd
M Polishes Wax Cleaners Inc.
Chempace Corporation
Treatment Products Ltd.
Darent Wax Company Ltd.
Qingdao Tonyin Industrial Co. Ltd.
Shenzhen Aotelu Technology Co., Ltd. 

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