Craft Soda Market - Global Research Analysis, Trends, Competitive Share and Forecasts 2018 - 2026

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Craft soda or micro manufacturers are traditional small batch manufactured soda products. Craft soda is flavored carbonated drinks widely categorized under soft drinks. The craft soda majorly comes under non-traditional soft drink flavoring to attract a lot of consumers looking for alternatives. The craft soda market has already seen a high growth is past few years with private labels and local players dominating the market over the globe. Over the forecast period, the craft soda market is expected to maintain such substantial growth rate. Craft soda market is expected to be driven by the rising youth population over the region with high youth population share and its placing over the market as an alternative to monotonous soft drinks offering globally.  

The craft soda market is anticipated to be driven by the increasing demand for alternative offering in monotonous mature markets. The soft drink segment has not seen any significant new offering, been dominated by 2 major global players for decades. Also, clean labels and the organic source are anticipated to drive the craft soda market by the rising demand from ethical buyers over the globe.

The craft soda market is expected to get restraint by the competitive offering by the major food and beverage manufacturers to capture the untapped market over the forecast period.   

On the basis of source, the craft soda market is segmented into organic and conventional. The organic segment is expected to dominate the craft soda market over the forecast period owing to the global trend of organic food and beverage.

On the basis of packaging, the craft soda market is segmented into glass, P.E.T, pouches, and cans. Glass segment is expected to dominate over the forecast period resulted by the traditional packaging used by the major producer to bring an ancient accent to their offerings.

On the basis of flavor, the craft soda market is segmented into root beer, orange, passion fruit, berries, tropical fruits and others. Root beer an orange to hold a larger share over the forecast period.

On the basis of the distribution channel, the craft soda market is segmented into direct and indirect. The indirect segment is further sub-segmented into modern trade, specialty stores, convenience stores, e-commerce, and other store formats. The indirect segment is expected to dominate over the forecast period.

Craft Soda Market: Region-wise Outlook: North America is anticipated to capture a large share on the basis of value owing to its traditional market for crafts soda. Europe to follow North America in terms of value share for craft soda market. Asia-pacific to witness high growth rate in craft soda market due to the faster adoption of western market offerings into the region. Latin America and the Middle East and Africa to also witness significant growth over the forecast period in craft soda market.

Tuxen Brewing Co., Justcraft Soda, Five Star Soda, Batch Craft Soda, Brooklyn Organics, Blue Sky, Dry Soda Co., Excel Bottling, and Bai brands.

The Craft Soda market has been segmented as follows:

Global Craft Soda Market, by Material Type

• Expanded polystyrene (EPS)

o Fabricated EPS

o Molded EPS

• Vacuum insulated panel (VIP) solutions

• Polyurethane (PUR)

• Others

Global Craft Soda Market, by Product Type

• Phase Change Materials (PCMs)

• Gel Packs & Bricks

• Insulated shipping containers

o Parcel Containers

o Pallet Containers

• Temperature Loggers

• Others

Global Craft Soda Market, by Application Type

• Pharmaceutical Packaging

• Health care & clinical trial distribution

• Medical device Packaging

• Others

Global Craft Soda Market, by Geography

• North America

o U.S.

o Canada

o Rest of North America

• Europe

o U.K.

o Germany

o France

o Rest of Europe

• Asia Pacific

o India

o China

o Japan

o Rest of Asia Pacific



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