Dysphagia Management Market : Global Research Analysis, Trends, Competitive Share and Forecasts 2018 - 2028

Publish Date: Feb 2021

Category: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

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Dysphagia is “difficulty in swallowing”, whereas eating difficulties refer to problems associated with transfer of liquid/food to the mouth. These problems coexists in many patients. Dysphagia is a common issue after stroke. In many cases, dysphagia gets resolved rapidly. However, in some cases, the swallow varies in function. Dysphagia has become a prevalent difficulty among geriatric population. Although, physiologic changes in swallow function is facilitated by growing age, age-related diseases significantly add to presence & severity of dysphagia. Swallowing rehabilitation is a great approach for providing safe oral intake to patients with dysphagia. The benefits of swallowing rehabilitation include reduced pneumonia rates, and improved nutritional status.

Increasing Prevalence of OTC Drugs over Prescription-based Expected to Drive the Demand for Dysphagia Management

The global dysphagia management market is projected to register a health growth at XX% CAGR, according to a report by TMR. Demand for dysphagia management is expected to witness an upsurge in parallel with improvement in medical services and facilities in global healthcare sector. The global dysphagia management market is poised to reach US$ XX Mn by 2028 end, growing prevalence of retail pharmacies and specialty clinics are further expected to boost the demand for dysphagia management drugs & treatment solutions.

Medical treatments for dysphagia are undergoing qualitative developments owing to rapid improvement in healthcare services. The number of patients seeking dysphagia management is estimated to be increasing across the globe, as per TMR’s report. OTC (over the counter) drugs are gaining significant prevalence among patients, as compared to medications based on prescription. These factors are anticipated to drive the demand for dysphagia management services, as oral treatment of such diseases is possible without the requirement of mandatory medical supervision. However, side effects emerging from dysphagia drugs is expected to be restraining factor for the growth of the global dysphagia management market. Additionally, decline in market exclusivity is also a key factor impeding the sales of dysphagia drugs.Global Dysphagia Management Market Poised to Reach US$ XX Mn by 2028

NHSc and CSA in Collaboration Agreement for Improving Dysphagia Management

Various organisations have introduced innovative products for treatment of dysphagia management and post-stroke treatments. Chinese Stroke Association (CSA) and Nestle Health Science (NHSc) have taken part in a collaboration agreement, designed for improving management, screening and diagnosis of dysphagia among the patients suffered through stroke, a common cause of dysphagia. As a part of this collaboration, NHSc is going to launch Thicken Up, an innovative thickening agent, in leading hospitals of twenty-five provinces & municipalities in China. Thicken Up enables requirement-based modification of food & liquids, helping patients to overcome difficulties in swallowing. National Health Science will also collaborate & share resources with Chinese Stroke Association on introduction of clinical innovation & best practice standards in the leading stroke centers of China. In addition, NHSc has launched an ‘Easy Eating’ hotline for non-hospitalized patients.


Stroke Management in Predetermined Manner Provides Improved Outcome

Although dysphagia management is similar in most of the stroke services around the world, its results are affected by availability of resources & staff for undertaking the service. Various services offer swallow screening at time of admission by following a protocol. Management plan consists of much variability, but stroke management in a predetermined manner provides improved outcome. Swallowing pathway comprises several key components. Generally accepted pathway consists of assessment, screening, feeding, rehabilitation, management, and investigation.

Dysphagia Management Market: Competitive Landscape

Besides, Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition, Cipla Ltd., Nestlé Health Science, and Astra Zeneca plc. are other leading companies profiled in the report"

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