Effervescent Products Market:Global Research Analysis, Trends, Competitive Share And Forecasts 2017 - 2025

Publish Date: Nov 2020

Category: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

Publisher: Trends Market Research

Status: Publish

A center on preventative care, the initiation of effervescent dietary supplements and products, and the growing utilization of functional foods to utterly accompaniment a healthier standard of living all point towards great prospects for the market for effervescent products. The worldwide market for effervescent products is projected to witness an 8.7% CAGR and is set to surpass a market estimation of US$ 57 billion towards the conclusion of the assessment period 2025.

Region-wise, the North America regional market is expected to dominate the worldwide market owing to the factors like awareness, easy access, promising reimbursement policies, and affordability. North America is expected to reach above US$22 billion of the market valuation by the end of the forecast period. The APAC market is projected to expand at 8.9% throughout the said period of eight years owing to rapidly evolving economies, demographic structure of the region and better health care amenities. Increasing healthcare cost in rising economies in the MEA and APAC regions has goaded the requirement for high-quality medical therapy. Public health costs like an overall percentage of GDP is rising yearly and this would undeniably advantage the pharmaceuticals category in the market for effervescent products. 

Based on product form, the worldwide market is segmented into granules, tablets, and powders. The worldwide market holds the majority of the shares of around 3/4th is anticipated to remain remunerative in the overall market. On the basis of product type, the worldwide market is segmented into dental products, probiotics, pharmaceuticals, vitamins & dietary supplements, electrolytes & energy boosting supplements and functional foods. Among these product types, pharmaceuticals are expected to hold a larger market share in comparison to equally dental products and functional foods. This segment is poised to slate an 8.9% CAGR based on value during the period of 2017-2025.

In terms of the distribution channel, the worldwide market is categorized into multi-level marketing channels, drug store, hypermarkets & supermarkets, e-commerce, and pharmacy. The pharmacy channels are expected to be the highest productive segment by distribution channel in the market since the effervescent tablets are expected to hold a majority of the shares in the market. The overall market of the pharmacy segment is projected to hold the market share of approximately 2/5th and is foreseen to achieve nearly US$ 25 billion by the end of 2025.

A few of the leading companies operating in the global market  for effervescent products are , Nutrilo GmbH, Nuun & Company Inc., Amerilab Technologies Inc., GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer AG, Herbalife International of America, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co (UPSA Laboratories), Iceberg Labs, Prestige Brands, Hermes Arzneimittel GmbH, US Pharma Lab Inc., Pyramid Pharmaceuticals, DMK Group (Sanotact GmbH), Laboratoires SMB, Tower Laboratories, MarlynNutraceuticals, Paragon Labs USA, Brim Technologies, Nomax Inc., JW Nutritional, Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc. among others.

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