F2N2 Gas Mixture Market- Global Research Analysis, Trends, Competitive Share And Forecasts 2018 - 2026

Publish Date: Oct 2021

Category: Chemicals & Materials

Publisher: Trends Market Research

Status: Publish

F2/N2 gas mixture market is likely to witness growing demand from various end-use industries such as electronics, plastic surface modifications, and pharmaceuticals. Among these industries, electronics industry is witnessing robust growth across various regions, specifically in China, the semiconductor and the electronics industry is growing significantly owing to the launch of new products and devices that use semiconductors. The aforementioned insights are provided in the new research report published by Trends Market Research on the F2/N2 gas mixture market.

According to the report, globally, China is one of the key consumers of F2/N2 gas mixture owing to the rise in semiconductor manufacturing for various industries. Moreover, in order to increase the market share in China, key manufacturers are focusing on strategic partnerships along with the introduction of innovative manufacturing process to produce F2/N2 gas mixture in the country and also to reduce the cost of F2/N2 gas mixture. While emerging players are investing in the research and development activities to develop new products in the F2/N2 gas mixture categories.

Along with the high demand in the electronics industry, F2/N2 gas mixture is also being widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as it is highly preferred over high pressure gases used in this industry. The demand for pharmaceuticals is also increasing due to the increasing consumption of raw materials used as the ingredients in the pharmaceuticals. Moreover, recently, the demand for F2/N2 gas mixture has increased as it is widely used as a catalyst and intermediate in the production of various pharmaceutical drugs, especially antibiotics.

In recent years, there has been a significant investment by government and pharmaceutical companies in India to setup new manufacturing plants owing to the low cost of building a production plant in the country as compared to the high cost of building the production units in western countries. With changing lifestyle in the developing regions, the demand for pharmaceutical grade supplements is also growing, which, is leading to the increasing consumption of active pharmaceutical ingredients, this, in turn, is likely to fuel the demand for F2/N2 gas mixture.

As per the TMR report, the F2/N2 gas mixture market is likely to find increasing demand from the plastic and polymer industry owing to the increasing investment by consumers in modifications of homes and offices with high strength and lightweight products. Currently, the F2/N2 gas mixture is increasingly used in the plastic surface modification.

The market is likely to witness increasing demand for 20% F2/N2 gas mixture as compared to the 10% F2/N2 gas mixture in various end-use industries including semiconductor and electronics, pharmaceuticals, and in plastic surface modification. The demand is likely to be the highest from semiconductor industry followed by the pharmaceutical sector.

The new report published by TMR also provides insights on the key players operating in the F2/N2 gas mixture market. The report also focuses on the business strategies, new developments, and mergers and acquisitions by companies in the F2/N2 gas mixture market. Some of the leading players covered in the report are Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Hyosung Japan Co., Versium Materials, Air Liquide S.A., Wuxi Yuntong Gas Co., Ingentec Corp, and Solvay SA.

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