Linear Actuators Market: North America Industry Analysis, Size, Sales and Forecast By 2018 - 2025

Publish Date: Sep 2020

Category: Industrial Automation

Publisher: Trends Market Research

Status: Publish

The Market for linear actuators especially in North America is chiefly driven by the increasing acceptance of automation across a huge number of industries, an increased focus on wastewater management, and the flourishing aerospace and defense industry. Our Detailed report provides strategic analysis of the North America linear actuators market, during the respective forecast of (2018-2025). Details of the report provides us competitive analysis of various market segments based on type, end use, and in-depth cross-sectional inspection of the North America linear actuators market across countries.

Linear actuators are employed in such as linearly actuated valves, pumps, industrial machinery, vehicular brakes and computer peripherals among others. They can have a very simple mechanism of action, or otherwise can be very complex. Hence it has been a must for sectors of automotive, food & beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, healthcare and defense among others, has been the primary driver of the linear actuators market in North America. Another boosting factor is increasing importance for water and wastewater management. Due to this Government of North America is stressing on Improving of water and wastewater management primarily.

Some of the Outstanding players in the market are Kollmorgen (U.S.), Tsubakimoto Chain, Co. (Japan), DESTACO (U.S.), Enerpac (U.S.), Duff-Norton (U.S.), Joyce Dayton Corporation (U.S.), MOOG, Inc. (U.S.), PHD, Inc. (U.S.), General Electric, Co. (U.S.),NOOK Industries, Inc. (U.S.),Altra Industrial Motion, Corporation (U.S.), Parker Hannifin Corporation (U.S.), Festo Group (U.S.), Tolomatic, Inc. (U.S.),Rockwell Automation (U.S.), IAI America, Inc. (Japan) Fortive Corporation (U.S.), RACO International, L.P. (U.S.) and Curtiss Wright Corporation (U.S.) among others.

Segmentation of North America Linear Actuators Market is as follows :

North America Linear Actuators Market – By Type: Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Mechanical
Electric, Ball screw, Linear guide, Linear table, Rod less linear actuator, Rod style linear actuator, Helical belt, Worm, DC Motor, Servo Motor, Others; North America Linear Actuators Market – By End Use: Automotive, Medical/ Healthcare
Furniture, Mining, Steel, Water & wastewater management, Construction, IT / Semiconductor, Military, Agriculture, Chemical, Petrochemical, Others; North America Linear Actuators Market – By Country: U.S., Canada, Mexico.

North America Linear Actuators Market: Segmentation

North America linear actuators market has been segmented into pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical electric and others (On the Basis of type). Electric linear actuators have been further divided into ball screw, linear guide, linear table, rod less linear actuator, rod style linear actuator and others. The rod style linear actuator sub-segment has again been divided into helical belt, worm, DC motor and servo motor. The market valuation for linear actuators has been given in form of USD million, along with the CAGR for the forecast period from 2018 - 2025.

End use industries covered under this report includes automotive, medical/healthcare, furniture, mining, steel, water & wastewater management, construction, it/semiconductor, military, agriculture, chemical, petrochemical among others. Key Trends are highlightendinfluencing and challenging factors for each segment. The country wise market analysis gives in-depth analysis of the current trends in different countries including the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

North America Linear Actuators Market: Competitive Dynamics

To assistance to strategic decision-making, the report also provides us competitive marking of leading players in the industry, their market share, various business strategies adopted by them, and recent developments. The key trends analysis and market opportunity map provided in the report discusses the various upcoming trends and current end use industries, with a focus on the future penetration of these products. The market opportunity map and market alluring analysis included in the report provide acumen into market dynamics, industry competition, and the most profitable segments in the NorthAmerica linear actuators market. Preeminent players of the North America linear actuators market has included in the report.

The report also provides disintegrated assessment of various factors brunting the market growth, which are suitably described as market drivers, restraints, and opportunities. These factors determine various current trends and their impact on market growth. Overall, taking into consideration the various factors affecting the linear actuators market, the report includes aaggregate analysis of the North America linear actuators market, and provide an estimation of growth for the forecast period 2016 to 2024.

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