Pedicle Screw Systems Market - Global Research Analysis, Trends, Competitive Share and Forecasts 2018 - 2028

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With aging and time the cartilage between two vertebrae or a disc in the spinal cord wears out, thus causing pain and pressure on the spinal cord. Spinal fusion is technique in which this problem is fixed by joining two or more vertebrates with the help of pedicle screws. This provides stabilization to the spine. With the sedentary lifestyle the spine problems are becoming more common these days. That is why the Pedicle Screw System market has registered a strong growth from the past 10 years.

The Pedicle Screw System market can be segmented into: on the basis of  Product Type: Polyaxial Pedicle Screw Systems, Monoaxial Pedicle Screw Systems, Other Pedicle Screw Systems;  on the basis of Surgery Type: pen Surgery, Minimal Invasive Surgery;  on the basis of Indication: Spinal Degeneration, Spinal Trauma Injuries, Spinal Deformities, Other Indications;  on the basis of Application: Thoracolumbar Fusion, Cervical Fusion; on the basis of Region: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific,  Rest of the World.The increasing population with aging and the growing trend of sedentary lifestyle are the major growth drivers for the Pedicle Screw System Market. People now a days work more by sitting at one place and perform less physical activities which causes ill effects  to the body.Pedicle Screw System is used to create a frame in the vertebrate so that it can heal fast. But after healing it should be removed, which needs another surgery.


This is the restraining factor for the market. But, the growing aging problems are creating enough space for the market to flourish.On the basis of product type, the major market share is hold by the Polyaxial Pedicle Screw Systems. As the Polyaxial Pedicle Screw System are the most rigid and precise construct available, thus avoiding the hardware failures and providing more stability to the frame.Geographically, The North America and Europe has the largest market due to the exponentially increasing population. The advancement in technology in this region has also affected the lifestyle of common people. More population are involved in doing sitting jobs and leading a sedentary lifestyle which are the major cause for the spine disformities.

The major Key players include: Aesculap Implant Systems LLC, DePuy Synthes Spine Inc., CTL Medical Corporation, Orthopeadic Implant Company, LDR Holding Corporation, Z-medical GmbH + Co. KG, X-spine Systems Inc., Globus Medical Inc., Auxein Medical, Alphatec Spine, Inc.

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