Privacy Policy

The value of our customers is paramount and any step needed to protect customer and their interests is of prime importance to Trends Market Research. Having communicated this across sections in the company and clients, we have a globally lauded process that upholds privacy and protects consumer values and data. Since this holds the highest importance in the order of business values, we have created a detailed privacy policy that strives to cover every tiny aspect of customer privacy during their journey with Trends Market Research.

Protecting Children Rights
There is a reason why we place this on the top of the list. Audience below 13 years is a sensitive group and Trends Market Research feels more responsible than ever to protect child rights. None of our content is directed to children below 13 years. In case, we learn about content or any form of information that is not suitable to the said audience, we promptly remove the information and the user account from the site.

Data Protection
With the General Data Protection Regulation implemented in May 2018, Trends Market Research is one of the first in the business to have complied with the regulations. As a company and a responsible influencer of the global and regional economies though in a miniscule way, Trends Market Research has stood apart from the rest in the business in living up to the regulations implemented in the best interest of the customer. While following the law of the land to protect user data is one, Trends Market Research has, in its own capacity, taken steps to protect user data. As you read this, it is highly recommended that you read Trends Market Research’s policies and know what it means to do business with us.

Information Collection
Business today revolves around data and it has become imperative for every business that thrives on the digital platform to rely on data. As a result, Trends Market Research collects some information that are prudent for business. We ask for name, email, phone number, company, designation, and contact details. While these information are sought for an effective business experience, Trends Market Research promises to make use of these details responsibly and only on a need basis. On the other hand, Trends Market Research also uses cookies to collect data of a user who visit the website. However, the user is flagged off about the same whenever he/she visits the website through a disclaimer. We recommend that the user read the cookies policy before continuing their experience on the website. Besides this, we also gather generic data from the user’s IP address to know their geographical location, website traffic and more that might help in bettering our efforts in marketing and other processes. We do not acquire any personal information during this process.

Personal Information
Under no circumstances do we permit sharing user’s personal information. An exceptional circumstance would be in the case of a request from the government or local governing authority. Also, we only utilize the information provided to improve our services and offer products and services promised to the user. At the same time, we might also use the information to verify your details and qualifications.

Anonymous Information
We procure anonymous information from the user’s IP address, but we never indulge in examining the same to acquire personal information. However, we utilize the details from the IP to understand traffic and help us develop better policies to suit our business interests. At the same time, we may use an anonymous IP to check our server requirements or meet specific website requirements from the client. Further, we may share the traffic data with advertisers or other agencies to help improve our marketing campaigns.

Like mentioned earlier, we use cookies to acquire user data on the website. Essentially used for understanding user behavior, this data also helps user from re-entering credentials every login. Advertorial or promotional content on the website may also contain cookies and Trends Market Research does not have any control over content from advertisers or other agencies on its website.

Disclosing Personal Information
We disclose personal information only under the following circumstances

  • If the government or any regulatory body seeks for information under the law of the land
  • Protect and safeguard the rights of the company
  • Act against any illegal or frivolous activity to protect the public and the consumer

Sale of Information
Trends Market Research will under no condition sell your information. However, in case the company decides to sell a portion or the entire company, then the data acquired is sold to the buyer as part of sales of all assets including consumer data.

Access to Information
Keeping in mind the company’s interests and that of the other users we do not encourage access to user information. However, we do accommodate individual requests from users or clients to make changes or delete a portion of their information or the entire account. This, however, is done after evaluating the request.


While Trends Market Research strives to ensure all data acquired from the user is protected, there is no assurance offered from our end to prevent instances of data loss or misuse from third party websites or other forms of data breach.

  • All data provided by you is stored with Trends Market Research and under no circumstance, it is allowed to be shared with third-party
  • Trends Market Research has its own customer relationship management platform that is protected with firewalls and hence gives it an upper hand in protecting user data
  • User data is always kept confidential and Trends Market Research leaves no effort to leave user data unprotected
  • Further, after all these efforts, if a data leak is reported by a user, Trends Market Research is open for an investigation into the matter. Trends Market Research will not be held responsible for data leak by another party, person, organization or whomsoever, and is not bound by any legal formalities for the same.

Loss incurred by the customer at the personal or professional front in any form is his/her/their responsibility. Neither Trends Market Research nor any of its associates are responsible in any form whatsoever for the loss incurred and will not be bound by any legal liabilities. Also, the customer agrees to hold Trends Market Research accountable for any such loss incurred at any point in their personal or professional fronts.

Third Party Content

Besides its own content and tools, Trends Market Research also uses content and information from third party websites. In some cases, you may also find links to them. Trends Market Research, however, does not hold responsibility for the quality, form, or any other aspect related to the content on the third-party website. We also, do not account for any loss or damage incurred to the consumer electronically, physically, monetarily, or in any other form, due to the third-party website or content.

Contact Us

To clarify your doubts or know more about the privacy policy, please write to us at

Updates and Changes

Any data update on the user profile is strictly made on user request. Information provided by Trends Market Research are based on extensive research and our analysts use proven and tested methods to provide data. On the other hand, content on the website is the result of logical and prudent research. However, to err is human. Trends Market Research does not warrant that all content published on the website in any form, and the research report provided is free of errors. We, of course, strive to provide the best quality information, and will always continue to do so.

A user is always free to unsubscribe from Trends Market Research in case of any irregularities found by simply writing to us at

Electronic Communications

Communication holds a prolific place in beholding trust between two valued parties. At Trends Market Research, a customer visiting our website or writing to us through emails, is deemed to be communicating with us electronically. Further, all communications from our end will be made via emails or through announcements, notices, disclaimers, or other forms of communication on our website. Through such communications, you agree that all communication made by Trends Market Research to you electronically are provided in writing.

Cancellation and refund policy:

We would advise you to carefully go through the terms governing our return policy prior to buying:

  • Trends Market Research charges the user for content and services as displayed on its official site. There would be 0% discrepancy on this count. It needs to be noted that the buyer is responsible for paying all the custom duties and taxes (use, property, sales, etc.).
  • All the buying’s made from Trends Market Research’s website are termed as “final”. In case of any doubts regarding transaction, Trends Market Research should be contacted before pressing the “Buy Now” tab on the “checkout” page, or the payment gateway, wherever the user could be re-directed. This dual checking on the part of buyer would help in averting further glitches.
  • If the user, by any means, feels that an error has occurred at the time of transaction, he/she is entitled to contact the customer service team of Trends Market Research. The team will make sure to address if the error is at our end.
  • No requests for returns would be entertained by Trends Market Research after dispatching the product (digital format or physical format).
  • However, if the report/piece of information dispatched is found to be incomplete, missing or doesn’t match the one asked for, free customization will be provided.
  • Refunds may be initiated only under unforeseen circumstances, that too, at the sole discretion of Trends Market Research.

Trends Market Research stands by its word to deliver quality and timely stuff. Any delay in delivery after the stipulated time frame could be brought to the notice of Trends Market Research through its customer service representative.

Intellectual property and copyright:

The data available on Trends Market Research website as well as research reports, like images, graphics, audio clips, statistics, video material, analysis, insights, and others is subject to international copyright laws. Business transaction with us would mean that you will also abide by these copyright laws.

No Warranties and Liabilities:

  • Our Service is provided as is and without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. We do not warrant that our Services or Material provided in this Website will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that the Website or the server that makes it available are free of viruses or other harmful components. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, currentness or other characteristics of any Material available on or through Our Service. We will not be liable for any loss or injury resulting directly or indirectly from our Service, whether or not caused in whole or in part by our negligence or by contingencies within or beyond our control. Neither we, nor suppliers of Third-Party Content, are responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused by use of or reliance on or inability to use or access Our Service or the Material.
  • Your access to and use of our Service are at your sole risk. Our Service is provided on "as is" and "as available” basis. Our Service is for your personal use only and we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied. We expressly disclaim any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use.
  • We are not and will not be a party to any transaction between you and any third party, whether or not that third party's website is linked to our Service.
  • You agree to take complete liability for your direct and indirect activities connected with your browsing and use of our Service. If you are dissatisfied with the Material or our Service or with these Terms of Use, your sole and exclusive remedy is to stop using the Material and Our Service. You agree that we will not be liable to pay any damages to you are any third party in connection with any direct or indirect use of our Services or Website.